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UCFine-You see fine

Never settle! It's an attitude of life.

Make do with can live, don't settle but can live splendidly.

Will not be a belief, is to take everything to the ordinary, until unusual;

Is to never believe in the final word, let each predetermined limit become history,

Create the next miracle.


A normal day UCFine was born in August 2013

A company of people of uncompromising faith

From the very beginning

We want to do something different to influence and even change the world

We want to do more for our dreams


We also believe that there is such a group of you in this world

Keen Internet life, tasteful, fun to share

Love all refinement

May good cheer


We'd be happy to do that for you

Provide high quality, excellent design products and friendly services

It's a tacit understanding that comes naturally

We're UCFine people and we're family

No matter how you find UCFine

We would like to hear the details of your expectations and Suggestions for UCFine.


Because here

Composed of

It's about us. It's about you

From this day on, nothing is normal



We are not swayed by external pressure and temptation. We go back to our original intention and insist on doing the right thing and doing the right thing.

We work with others to achieve win-win results in an attitude of no profit.

Faced with problems, we first take responsibility for ourselves and take the initiative.



We gather here because we love it. It's a tacit understanding.

Getting things done is not just about following a certain norm, but about loving it from the heart.

Love is the only driving force that turns work into a career.



Many great implementations begin with a seemingly impossible idea.We choose between believing and seeing and believing.

We believe that we can do different things to influence and even change the world.

This is not about overreaching or talking too much, but about faith and courage to reach for your dreams.



We focus on creating value for our users, embracing change and consistently providing competitive products and services.

Cut off external pressure and temptation, return to the original intention, and constantly break through themselves.

Do not pursue short-term interests and superficial prosperity, and take the healthy and long-term development of enterprises as the first principle.


We use considerate design to infuse simple, efficient and reliable experience into the heart of technology products.Through equal and friendly communication, we will share products across regions, cultures and beliefs with global users.