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What is a TWS bluetooth headset?

Since the cancellation of 3.5mm jack of iphone7 last year, the bluetooth headset market has been developing rapidly, and there are many kinds of bluetooth headset, especially the TWS wireless bluetooth headset, which makes consumers wonder.To answer the question of consumers, what is the TWS bluetooth headset?


When it comes to the TWS bluetooth headset, let's start with the TWS technology.TWS: short for True Wireless Stereo, meaning True Wireless Stereo, the implementation of this technology is based on the development of chip technology.Technically, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the main speaker through the connection of the main speaker through bluetooth wireless connection from the speaker, realizing the wireless separation of real bluetooth left and right sound channels.When no connection is made from the speaker, the main speaker returns to the monophonic sound quality.The technology of TWS has been applied to the field of bluetooth headset, which has spawned a new product, the TWS bluetooth headset.


Compared to ordinary bluetooth headset, the TWS real wireless bluetooth headset has the following advantages:

1. True wireless structure, completely free from cable annoyance and free movement.

2. Various ways of use, which can be enjoyed and Shared, and can be used as two machines by one machine.


Due to TWS bluetooth headset ears hang don't need a wired connection, left and right sides of two headphones via bluetooth stereo system, listening to music, talk on the phone, and wear has improved such products was introduced, and quickly by consumers, such as sound science and technology of TWS bluetooth headset P08 products, since listing is hot, production is often in short supply.However, many of the TWS bluetooth headsets sold on the market are relatively expensive due to their high cost.


Although this kind of headset has some disadvantages, the convenience it brings to the public is also a gamble. I believe the market potential will be huge in the future.However, to gain a share in this industry, for bluetooth headset manufacturers, only by continuously enhancing product performance, improving product quality, beautifying product appearance design and reducing product price can more users accept.

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