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The latest generation of bluetooth standard "bluetooth 5" has been officially released

Bluetooth Special Interest Group;The new version of the core specification, Bluetooth 5, was officially announced today.Major updates include longer transmission distances, faster transmission speeds, larger broadcast data transmissions, and improvements in interoperability and interoperability with other wireless technologies.Bluetooth 5 will enable simple and easy interconnection of devices in a wider range to continuously improve the Internet of things experience.

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Mark Powell, executive director of the bluetooth technology alliance, said: "" bluetooth has revolutionized people's Internet of things experience.Bluetooth 5 continues to drive this revolution by providing reliable iot connectivity and expanding Beacon's flexible adoption, thereby reducing barriers to connectivity and achieving a seamless iot experience.This means that bluetooth wireless networks will be extended to cover entire homes and buildings, enabling more innovative outdoor, industrial and commercial applications.With the launch of bluetooth 5, we further address the needs of iot developers and consumers, while moving towards bluetooth's core goal of becoming a simple, secure and interoperable global wireless standard.

The bluetooth 5's main feature updates include a four-fold increase in transmission distance, a two-fold increase in transmission speed, and an eight-fold increase in the amount of broadcast data transmitted.The longer transmission distance will support the coverage of the entire home and building area to achieve a more robust and reliable connection.Faster speeds will bring higher responsiveness and performance to the device.The increase in broadcast data traffic also enables the device to send more data to the improved solution for more application scenarios.

In addition, bluetooth 5 can help reduce potential interference between bluetooth and other wireless technologies, which can be updated to ensure that bluetooth devices can coexist with other devices in an increasingly complex global Internet of things environment.At the same time, bluetooth 5 remains consistently low-power and meets the various needs of developers in devices or applications.

The bluetooth 5 launch comes at a critical time for industry growth.According to Ryan Martin, a senior analyst at ABI Research, nearly a third of the 48 billion connected devices installed worldwide by 2021 will be bluetooth.

Andrew Zignani, industry analyst at ABI Research, said: "the global wireless connectivity market is growing rapidly and annual IC shipments are expected to reach 10 billion by 2021.The rollout of bluetooth 5 will reduce the complexity and cost of product design and allow manufacturers to be more flexible in the face of different applications and use cases, creating new opportunities for many verticals in the iot market.

Consumers are expected to see products that use bluetooth 5 within two to six months of its official launch.With bluetooth 5, bluetooth will continue to refresh people's iot experience and, as always, embrace technological advances that inspire the iot's limitless potential.

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