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Choosing a Bluetooth headset: 4 must-have features

The brand of bluetooth headset is very rich, and the price also varies from dozens to thousands, which is a huge difference. If you choose a suitable bluetooth headset from a number of brands, it is indeed a headache. Is there any effective and quick selection method?Today I want to tell you some points to pay attention to in the shopping, I hope you can help.

1. Stability of bluetooth headset.If the bluetooth headset is not stable, it will have a serious impact on the use process. The call reception is not good, and the music is played intermittently. Whatever it is, it is a very unpleasant experience.So must choose the bluetooth headset that the normal manufacturer produces, the technology has some safeguard at least.

2. Bluetooth headset version.The higher the bluetooth version, the better the anti-interference ability of the bluetooth headset, the lower the energy consumption, the longer the battery life, and the compatibility of the new version of the bluetooth headset version is better, but the price may be more expensive.The latest mainstream version is 4.1-4.2, which is more than enough.

3. Comfort of bluetooth headsetFor friends who need to use it for a long time, the comfort of bluetooth headset is very important, especially if you exercise, you will also do some high-intensity strenuous movements, there is a higher demand for stability.

4. Standby time of bluetooth headset.Bluetooth headset, like mobile phone, also needs to be charged. Therefore, the length of standby time will directly affect consumers' satisfaction with using bluetooth headset. If the standby time is long, the trouble caused by constant charging can be avoided.

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